Thursday, 3 January 2008

Yes, some posts may have to be written in the other language when I'm pouring my heart out in places I shouldn't. Last night was nice, wasn't feeling too well but managed to have a nice time with banku, JFK the preacher and the cute nigerian, oh and of course the american gangster's daughter was there too, think she really enjoyed herself, especially since I've kept her in Tema for days!

Haven't seen Virgo in the last 2 days, think he must be really busy. Have to do some work for him too, when will I have time??? We'll have to start planning the other stuff too although there's still several months to go.
Va trist att jobba nagonstans dar man inte trivs, sa att det har gatt sa langt att jag nu mar illa varje gang jag ar pa jobbet. har alltsa lust att krakas nu! Det var precis likadant pa julafton. Olusten var sa stor, tog over hela kroppen. Och jag vet att det ar jobbet for sa fort jag gar ut nar jag ar fardig for dagen, sa slapper det. Maste borja jobba for mig sjalv, vet ej hur jag ska klara mig till April, tror inte att jag har talamodet for det tyvarr. Men vore det verkligen sa synd att inte bli fardig?
It's been ages since last time. Thought this was gonna be my diary but I don't even have time for that. Have missed out on talking about the London trip (fantastic), which led to the epiphany (marriage & children?), christmas and new year. And of course work. So much to say, so little time...


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