Thursday, 29 April 2010

Save Ghana's textile industry!

A Facebook friend asked us how much of our warderobe is locally produced and linked to this BBC story about the African cotton industry's decline. After thinking about it, I guess my warderobe contains about 15% Ghanaian made clothes, but it is slowly on the increase. My latest project has been finding a good dressmaker (finally!) and having the traditional materials I received for my engagement sewn into beautiful clothes. In addition it is always fun to brighten up the warderobe with items from exciting lines like MAKSI clothing, Renee Q or good old MKOGH.
Two new additions to my warderobe

I love our traditional wear, the textures, colours and the way it drapes our shapes manage to make every woman look her best even on a regular day. So if we're being asked to invest more in our own textiles, count me in! It sounds like one of the most entertaining ways in which we can help Ghanaian industry and support the growing number of talented designers around.

Every girl needs a MAKSI dress!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Heading back out on the Accra scene

Some time ago a friend and I were discussing how our social activities seemed to have dwindled. We wondered whether this was because our friends suddenly considered us married and with children and as such not able to make it out. Well, if that's the case, friends, ask before you assume! Let me decide whether I'll be heading out or not, being married or a parent does not necessarily make you housebound.

As a result of my friends' unfortunate assumptions, I find myself making new friends and it seems I am slowly beginning to fill out my social calendar and discovering lovely new and old places around town. In the past few weeks, this has meant movie nigths at Silverbird Cinemas, dinner for la Baselette who was about to leave town at Il Cavaliere Pazzo at the Polo Club, which with it's beautiful interior and delicious food helped make the evening great (along with the fabulous company of course). If you go, do try the pain perdu, scrumptious dessert!
A few days later I was off to the Ghana Goes 2010 event at African Regent, arranged by fellow blogger Nana Darkoa and ended the evening with a light snack at Rhapsody's.
Dinner at Mama Mia:

In addition there's been trips to Till's Beach, my beloved Tema and evenings at Bella Roma and Mama Mia. Hm, could this, rather than Em, be the reason why I'm so tired?

So, my dear friends, it's not me, it's you! Whether you call me to come out or not, I'll make sure I'm having my own fun, one way or another!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The world really is a twisted place. For example, could any of us have imagined a month ago that a volcano in Iceland would affect so many people's lives? I am surprised by how many people I know closely, who have been directly affected, either stranded on another continent (like our current house guest who's doing nothing but wishing and hoping he can get back to his daughter in London soon), stuck at home when they were meant to be on holiday, or having to cab it across Europe (you can imagine the cost of that!) to make it home to loved ones.

As I read one of my favourite bloggers', Alexandra Pascalidou, experience (Swedish), of being stuck in Bali whilst her partner and two-year old daughter are in Sweden, I feel the pain of all those who are being separated from their families. Is there anything more unsettling than not knowing when and how you're going to get home?

It is at times like these that people reach out and show kindness to strangers, whether it be offering a lift as Yngvild writes about or providing shelter for those stranded without money to pay for accommodation. For a more organised way of getting and providing help, check out Volcanohelp.

Luckily for me, the only thing twisted in my life at the moment, is my new hairstyle.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Driving in Ghana

A piture says more than a thousand words, right? Well, have a look at this one (which I snatched from a friend's friend's Facebook album), I'm sure you'll agree with me that indeed it does tell us more about the driving situation in Ghana, than a few sentences would.

The lack of functioning traffic lights, therefore policemen guiding traffic? Check!
Drivers' blatant disrespect of traffic lights/policemen/rules? Check!
A general disregard of policemen's authority (which can often be bought for a few Cedis? Check!
Our kokonsa (gossipy) nature, (look at the men moving in to see what exatly is happening)? Check!
Complete denial and refusal to accept being caught in the act (Because surely it's not me, the guy is atually attempting to reverse, no?)? Check!

However, I do feel we ought to commend the polie officer for his persistence in trying to force the driver to obey the law.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Crap, Cookie crash!

The heading may look like jibberish but it is exactly what it says. Last week I got myself a new yummie Cookie and after I attempted to copy some music onto it from my laptop, the damn thing caused my laptop to crash! Any time I turn it on, after starting up, a small pop up window will tell me "Windows will shut down in less than one minute". This has been rather amusing in the three business meetings we had this weekend where all the designs we were to display were, of course, on my laptop. There's been a lot of "Are you ready? Quick, here's the picture, you have about thirty seconds to watc...oh damn, there it goes again!".

Weirdest thing of all? I seem to have fixed the problem all by myself! I couldn't be prouder, nothing will top this until the day I learn to change a tyre. Anyways, I've got lots to catch up on, you'll hopefully hear from me again tomorrow.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Ghana Easter

The Easter break has begun. How did I notice that? Traffic hell all day yesterday, of course! Unlike Christmas when everybody comes to Accra, for Easter they all leave the big city for their home villages or to the mountains. Yes, in the mountains about midway between Accra and Kumasi, in the Nkawkaw area, the Kwahus have their massive Easter celebration. To the Kwahu, Easter is bigger than Christmas, so big that now other tribes and nationals also travel there to take part in the festivities (which now include a paragliding festival!)

So what are the Easter plans for those of us left in Accra? Chilling with a big C! My sample of traffic today tells me what I already knew, it's going to be a smooth weekend, after all half of the cars have left town.

(picture borrowed from here)

I love Easter, ok I probably love all the holidays, but what makes Easter so exquisite is the lack of pressure. After a usually dreary January, February and March (although this year it's rather been hectic), Easter comes as a rewarding break before we head towards brighter and better days. Before, Easter would signify when the year turned brighter, spring and soon summer on the way. Now it is more of a reminder that despite feeling like we're in hell (well it's hot enough, isn't it?), rainy season is on it's way and with it, cooler temperatures!

So as is my general tradition for Easter, no plans are made, we chill, eat whatever comes our way, socialise with whoever comes our way and hopefully catch up on sleep (but that is every new parent's dream, always!). Today that means leftovers, watching movies (I'm hoping to make Virgo watch It's complicated with me even though I saw it about ten days ago) and looking forward to any friend or family member passing by.

Happy Easter!


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