Monday, 12 April 2010

Crap, Cookie crash!

The heading may look like jibberish but it is exactly what it says. Last week I got myself a new yummie Cookie and after I attempted to copy some music onto it from my laptop, the damn thing caused my laptop to crash! Any time I turn it on, after starting up, a small pop up window will tell me "Windows will shut down in less than one minute". This has been rather amusing in the three business meetings we had this weekend where all the designs we were to display were, of course, on my laptop. There's been a lot of "Are you ready? Quick, here's the picture, you have about thirty seconds to watc...oh damn, there it goes again!".

Weirdest thing of all? I seem to have fixed the problem all by myself! I couldn't be prouder, nothing will top this until the day I learn to change a tyre. Anyways, I've got lots to catch up on, you'll hopefully hear from me again tomorrow.



Brad Fallon said...

which is better touchscreen mobile nokia 5230 or Lg Cookie pep and why?

Maya Mame said...

Sorry, can't help you Brad. I've never used the nokia 5230 but I am still quite happy with my LG Cookie, one year on. The only negative aspect of it is the camera which doesn't take such great pictures.

401k loan said...

Is the great Button expecting a Chinese Fortune Cookie this weekend?

Herman Miller chair said...

Is there a way to have the Cookie in IE take a huge amount? It seems that it crashes after a certain amount?


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