Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The world really is a twisted place. For example, could any of us have imagined a month ago that a volcano in Iceland would affect so many people's lives? I am surprised by how many people I know closely, who have been directly affected, either stranded on another continent (like our current house guest who's doing nothing but wishing and hoping he can get back to his daughter in London soon), stuck at home when they were meant to be on holiday, or having to cab it across Europe (you can imagine the cost of that!) to make it home to loved ones.

As I read one of my favourite bloggers', Alexandra Pascalidou, experience (Swedish), of being stuck in Bali whilst her partner and two-year old daughter are in Sweden, I feel the pain of all those who are being separated from their families. Is there anything more unsettling than not knowing when and how you're going to get home?

It is at times like these that people reach out and show kindness to strangers, whether it be offering a lift as Yngvild writes about or providing shelter for those stranded without money to pay for accommodation. For a more organised way of getting and providing help, check out Volcanohelp.

Luckily for me, the only thing twisted in my life at the moment, is my new hairstyle.


patrick said...

40minutes into my flight with klm en rote to ghana from los angeles we land back to lax..flight cancelled..still in los angeles my vacation now all messed up..bought a new ticket with delta for monday flight from new york.stayin away from europe..


Maya Mame said...

Wow, that's terrible Patrick. Hope you manage to get here on the Monday flight. Good choice to stay away from Europe, it looks like the airports may have to close again.

Tigger said...

Ja det är otroligt vad detta vulkanutbrott orsakar! snyggt hår, me like!! puss på er

Maya Mame said...

Verkligen, igår stängde ju Landvetter igen! På ett sätt är det dock häftigt att naturliga under har sån makt!

Skicka meil snart, och puss på hela familjen!


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