Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Heading back out on the Accra scene

Some time ago a friend and I were discussing how our social activities seemed to have dwindled. We wondered whether this was because our friends suddenly considered us married and with children and as such not able to make it out. Well, if that's the case, friends, ask before you assume! Let me decide whether I'll be heading out or not, being married or a parent does not necessarily make you housebound.

As a result of my friends' unfortunate assumptions, I find myself making new friends and it seems I am slowly beginning to fill out my social calendar and discovering lovely new and old places around town. In the past few weeks, this has meant movie nigths at Silverbird Cinemas, dinner for la Baselette who was about to leave town at Il Cavaliere Pazzo at the Polo Club, which with it's beautiful interior and delicious food helped make the evening great (along with the fabulous company of course). If you go, do try the pain perdu, scrumptious dessert!
A few days later I was off to the Ghana Goes 2010 event at African Regent, arranged by fellow blogger Nana Darkoa and ended the evening with a light snack at Rhapsody's.
Dinner at Mama Mia:

In addition there's been trips to Till's Beach, my beloved Tema and evenings at Bella Roma and Mama Mia. Hm, could this, rather than Em, be the reason why I'm so tired?

So, my dear friends, it's not me, it's you! Whether you call me to come out or not, I'll make sure I'm having my own fun, one way or another!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Ah Maya, the kind of post you used to put up...that I'd missed. Good to this you back, both in this space and in Accra.

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Nana Yaw! Hopefully there'll be more of these to come.

Nana said...

How come I'm only now seeing this post? :)

I hope you had fun at 'Ghana Goes 2010'

Maya Mame said...

It was great, Nana! Unfortunately I got there a bit late and just caught a glimpse of the beautiful Maksi clothes.


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