Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Working and Christmassing at the mall

I'm alive! Sorry, I don't even want to bore you with my excuses...but here goes! The internet broke down, then my mobile broadband stopped working, then my laptop crashed and when I tried my hand at blogging from my mobile, I'd spend ages trying to send a message and then accidentally erase it with the slip of a finger (damn sensitive touchscreens!). So here I am, at the Vodafone cafe at Accra mall. In between work emails I thought I'd send a quick message out.

From now on I'll definitely try harder at the phone blogging, but that means no links, no photos and much, much shorter texts. Hopefully that will mean I'll blog more frequently? Let's see.

By the way, so far I think the mall is the best place to come in Accra for a bit of Christmas spirit. Being here has almost cured my I-can't-believe-I'm-spending-Christmas-in-the-tropics-again depression.


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