Monday, 28 October 2013

Storm alert

Hello there... The last few months have been trying in many ways and in all that, it seems I found no time to blog. Well, one of my favourite sayings is better late than never, so here we go again. After some months in Ghana, I am back in Sweden and enjoying the seasons more than ever. Never before have I really appreciated the beautiful colours of autumn and the slow transition into winter. Of course, as I say it, it is not enjoyable at all: the St Jude storm which hit the UK yesterday, has apparently left and is heading towards the west coast of Sweden! Newsstations are advising us to pick children early from school, I saw this just as I received a call from Em's teacher to pick her before 3pm. I guess we have an interesting day and night ahead of us. Will these trees be standing tomorrow...?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy Independence Day!

With all that I am hearing of power outages and water shortage, it's difficult to celebrate Ghana as it seems the nation is regressing. Still, I hope that those in Ghana and around the world have found a way of celebrating today, as unfortunately a very hectic work day has stopped me from trying to celebrate. The only thing I managed to do was check out Google Ghana's picture of the day: Happy Independence Day, Ghana!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tastes from afar

We saw them about four weeks ago. Nicely big and green. Virgo and I looked at each other, smiled and decided to take them. Since then we've watched them eagerly grow to maturity, every now and then pinching a feel to check how close we were getting. Last week, I was ready to give up, but then, as the snow melted away, so did the green colour, which gave way for a golden yellow brown shade. And today little Em, Ghana-girl to the bone, was the one who insisted it was time. After a light seasoning and fry, she devoured just about all of it in a few minutes (I swear I only got a bite!), and I don't blame her. Plantain; ripe, fried plantain has never tasted that good!


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