Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tastes from afar

We saw them about four weeks ago. Nicely big and green. Virgo and I looked at each other, smiled and decided to take them. Since then we've watched them eagerly grow to maturity, every now and then pinching a feel to check how close we were getting. Last week, I was ready to give up, but then, as the snow melted away, so did the green colour, which gave way for a golden yellow brown shade. And today little Em, Ghana-girl to the bone, was the one who insisted it was time. After a light seasoning and fry, she devoured just about all of it in a few minutes (I swear I only got a bite!), and I don't blame her. Plantain; ripe, fried plantain has never tasted that good!


posekyere said...

Um, yummy!
Thinking of a plate of hot red-red this minute.

Raine said...

Love fried plantains!!!! Glad to see you blogging again Maya.

Maya Mame said...

OMG, how have I forgotten red-red, Posekyere! That will be on my list of things to eat as soon as I get back.

Thanks, Raine! As you can see, it's a struggle to try and find time, I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging soon though.


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