Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maya Angelou

Today, as I walked from work to pick up Em, I was fighting back tears. I had to walk faster and faster, hide myself behind my sunglasses and keep my head bowed down to make it all the way to her preschool. Why? As I left my office, I got a text from my brother, Mr. T., saying "Maya Angelou died today". As you may know, I am a huge fan, which I wrote about here and as I cut my usual 15 minute walk to about 10 minutes, my head was spinning, thinking of all the things Maya Angelou has meant to me.

Social media is flooded by tributes to her and as I read, I realise part of my grief is because she is the only person I have adored, admired, been inspired by and desired to meet, even for just a moment, a glimpse of her great wisdom. I'm not a fan of many, in fact, I think Maya Angelou may be my only idol. In many ways, I see her as my spiritual grandmother (and today it hit me that just like three of my grandparents, she also died at 86 years old).

Rest in peace, Maya. I know I'm among millions who will continue turning to your words for guidance, inspiration, strength and wisdom.


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