Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ghana is the name!

Like many others, I'm in the middle of watching the Michael Jackson memorial service. As much as I didn't want to contribute further to the media frenzy around his death, I just wanted to inform those of you who are not watching that our very own Ghana was mentioned, possibly twice (didn't Al Sharpton mention it too?). Queen Latifah read a poem written by Maya Angelou for Michael, in which she mentions the Black Star Square of Ghana!

Trust my idol, the ever creative, intelligent and inspiring Maya Angelou to continue her work as an ambassador for Ghana, continously making sure our country is firmly put on the map.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Thought I heard it twice too. Was looking a really serious serious (non-sentimental) link. :)

Abena said...

Yup! I missed almost all of the memorial but a friend of mine texted me from Tanzania about Ghana being mentioned more than once...Of course he was convinced that "Ghana" is the easiest African country name to roll of the tongue..Sigh so many haters...Ghana is clearly the place to be!

posekyere said...

I watched the entire proceeding. And yes. Ghana was indeed mentioned twice.
Got me thinking how two prominent African-Americans, Maya Angelou(through Queen Latifah) and Rev Al Sharpton, had the inspiration to invoke the name of our dear country on such a day.
Positive vibrations, perhaps.

Maya Mame said...

Abena, your friend is such a playa hater!

Nana Yaw and Posekyere, I'm glad I was right. With that and Obama's visit in one week, people all over the world will soon know of Ghana.


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