Friday, 27 May 2011


This year has been crazy. Absolutely crazy. I thought last year was bad, but somehow this year has just ran by, it feels like I'm chasing a train and just as I manage to get hold of it and I'm about to jump on, I lose my grip and have to start chasing again. The past three weeks just added to the madness. My mother (read babysitter who'd pick Em from school when neither Virgo nor I could make it back to Tema in time) left for Sweden. The week after that the househelp ended her year-long contract, as agreed.

A few days later I had my wisdom tooth removed surgically (surgically meaning, since it hadn't surfaced, they had to cut through the flesh, drill through the bone, split the tooth in half before yanking it out). Needless to say, once the anesthesia wore off I cried all the way home on the motorway from the pain. A few days later, Virgo was off to London on business. Of course we had no idea when we planned this, that I'd be in excruciating pain when we said our goodbyes. The next day, Em got some kind of stomach infection which meant potty training was put aside and a whole lot of diapers were used. Of course this coincided with our water being cut off for 36 hours (I'm sure I've mentioned that we NEVER have water problems in Community 10).

And how could I forget to mention that the washing machine decided that this would be the best time not to work! Still, that didn't matter much as once the water was back, we had 12 hours without electricity, three times in a period of nine days.

Now I know you think I'm lying or exagerrating, but this happened during the most stressful and challenging work-weeks this year, so on top of everything else, I'd be sitting in a meeting, not hearing what was being said because I'd be wondering how on earth I would ever make it back to Tema to pick Em from school before closing time at 17:30.

However, since yesterday, we're all together; Virgo, Em and I, and there's even grandparents around! I've given myself a much need 48 hour rest from work (well, not a complete rest, but I'm just reviewing one agreement before noon tomorrow) and I can finally take a few deep breaths.

No more chasing racing trains, just floating and gasping for air.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It all works out for good in the end. Keep your head up.

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Nana Yaw, I'm trying you and aim to keep you posted.

Raine said...

Maya! Sounds like you had a lot more than a full plate these past few weeks! Glad to know things are getting back to normal for you.

As for the wisdom teeth extractions- (ALL 4 AT ONCE) the first thing I did, after picking up 2 tickets (one for speeding and the other for running a red light; and the cops had the nerve to ask me if I was okay. Yes, I'm just peachy, just ignore the swollen face and crusty bloody lips and the fact that you are slowing me down from getting much needed medication- PS I WASNT DRIVING) was pick up my vicodin and amoxcicillin.

Maya Mame said...

Oh my goodness, Raine! Considering the pain I was in, I can't begin to imagine how you felt after that, you ARE a superwoman!

And what's up with all that swelling, I felt like the boy from MASK for days. As for the police, they really could do with some sensitivity training, lol!


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