Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My blogging self

I'm a bit bored (read: I have some work to do which I can't be bothered to at 10pm), so I am challenging myself to answer this blog questionnaire:

How long have you been blogging?
For three and a half years, although last year barely counts.

How many blogs do you regularly follow?
I’m estimating that there are 20 blogs I check in on, on a daily(!) basis.

Of the ones you read, how many are diary blogs and how many are subject-oriented?
Apart from Antirhythm, I think all of them are at least partially diary blogs.

Do those who know you think you are true to yourself in your blog?
I have never asked, but I think I am, sometimes to the point where I forget how words can be misconstrued in writing.

Have you found a functioning boundary for how private you want to be in your blog, or is that boundary continuously stretched?
Yes, I think I have managed to keep what I want private and on the contrary, the more people that know my blog, the more restrictive I find myself becoming. This is sad as I would like to share a lot more with my lovely readers.

To which extent do you blog for acknowledgement/affirmation?
I always tell myself I am blogging for me, but I lose my motivation when there are no comments, and I feel uplifted when readers comment.

Have you met people IRL after meeting them through your blog?
The only person I’ve met through my blog is Kajsa, but I have met many others through Ghanablogging, which I guess is partly through my blog.

Do you think it is damaging for some people to blog?
I think it can be damaging for those who do not realise the legal implications of what they write, e.g. the possibility of stealing copyright material or defamation. I also think younger bloggers may not realise that the blog will live on and be available to the world years after they ever intended it to be.

What are the cons of blogging for you?
I’ve realised friends who read my blog don’t contact me as much: they’re getting updates on my life through the blog, forgetting I’m not hearing from them. Other than that, it is at times too time consuming to maintain the blog.

Do you think you’ll be blogging in two years time?
Yes, possibly in a different format, maybe more business related and on another platform, but of course I’ll make sure to take my blog-friends with me if I do!


Raine said...

Interesting answers Maya! You've been on a roll lately...does it have anything to do with you being outside of Ghana right now??


How's the UK weather?? I will be attending a wedding in November(!) in London which I am completely dreading because of the cold.

Maya Mame said...

Yes Raine, it's because I have a superfast connection, unlike the 19th century speed I have to deal with in Ghana.

London is as dreary as ever, it will be cold and grey in November (sorry). There's something about the humidity, wind and the many buildings that cause you to freeze to the bone in London (which I never do in Sweden, despite it being colder temperature-wise). So pack well!

On a more positive note, you'll enjoy Christmas decorations in all the shops and twinkly lights all over Oxford Street!

Now, when are you blogging next? :-)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

I'm so glad we met! For me, making new friends is the best thing about blogging!

Maya Mame said...

Me too Kajsa!
It's amazing what a world blogging can open up and making a good friend has definitely been the best bonus of it. (Sorry for the super duper late reply).


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