Monday, 24 October 2011

The power of modern media

I'm sure almost every Swede on Facebook saw a link to a video of three girls singing Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend, using only empty margarine cartons as 'instruments'. This link started spreading sometime late last week, Thursday perhaps.

By Friday, I had about four different Fb friends linking it, the Guardian (that is the UK Guardian!) featured them and today the group, known as Erato, performed on one of Stockholm's radio morning shows (this time using empty cottage cheese "Keso" containers).

Not only am I impressed by their talent and innovation (dare I admit I prefer their version to the original?), I'm so inspired by how quickly a video of three girls can spread from a kitchen in Sweden to West Africa and the rest of the world!


Anonymous said...

Me like!!! ja det är så häftigt!!! hur har ni det i Gbg?? kram k

Maya Mame said...

Vi har det bra! Nar kan vi ses? Kram!


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