Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Returning to Ghana

It's October and autumn is definitely here. Also on my mind this week are thoughts of returning to Ghana. Not just for me, but friends around me. There's the new mother who's planning her move back early next year and all the necessities that need to be packed along with her. There's the friend in Ghana, trying to convince her husband to leave and try building their family elsewhere, but her husband won't budge. Then there's the relative who just informed me that next year she's relocating to Ghana for the first time ever. I can't wait to follow her journey, the same journey I made some 7 years ago.
Naturally, while discussing these relocations, we end up looking at the pros and cons of living in Ghana versus abrokyi. Sweden has all the stable pros: constant electricity, water and fast internet. Public transport is on time and everyone shows up to work even when there's rain or snow outside. However, we always get back to Ghana and that je-ne-sais-quois quality that stays with you in the motherland. As hard as I try to settle in my hometown, with my old friends, siblings and workmates here, my heart is still in Ghana. For now though, I'll enjoy one of the pleasures of Sweden: watching the seasons change. Already I'm planning how to cosy up my flat for the rest of autumn and prepare for Christmas. I can see myself sitting on my balcony, in December, candles alit and a tiny glass of mulled wine in hand, looking out over Gothenburg. And I'll enjoy every second of it, knowing that sometime in 2013 I will be heading home.

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