Monday, 10 August 2009

Ma fe wo paa!

I'm missing home paa. So many things have led to this: travelling further south by leaving Sweden for England, hearing Twi all over the place when out and about in London, but most of all, after a fully Ghanaian day yesterday, I've got Ghana and only Ghana on my mind.

The day was spent parading baby to all the relatives. We started off with lunch at the Baba Foundation in Norbury, a Ghanaian Community Centre. My eyes teared up as I looked out over the wakye, jollof, banku&tilapia, guinea fowl and red red that I hadn't seen in so long. The feast, which also featured a starter of fried yam and kelewele was topped of with Malt. The only thing that made the day even better than that meal was getting confirmation over and over again, both there and at the cousin's house in South Norwood that we later visited, that my daughter is the most beautiful baby in the world (as if I didn't know!)

Today, I realised that Marks & Spencer in Bluewater probably had a 60% Ghanaian customer base as everywhere I turned I could hear twi being spoken. Then, getting home to my dad's place, where traditional highlife was blasted as the scents of kontomire in the making wafted in to the sitting room, my heart began to beat faster and I couldn't help but exclaim:



Kodjo said...

You are not alone! I get like this sometimes. When I miss coconut and roasted plantain and all that goodness that is Ghnana then I know it time to buy a ticket to Accra.

Maya Mame said...

Yeah Kodjo, or in my case I think I've realised that staying away for six months is far too long now that my whole life is there.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to count down the days (4 months and some days) till I touch Ghanaian soil again.Luckily I have so much going on right now that its somewhat easy for me to do. It helps when you have little reminders of home such as people speaking Twi and eating Ghanaian food and what not. But sometimes I think it intensifies the homesick feeling. I guess the best part is knowing that you will be going back soon.

Maya Mame said...

Anon, I guess I shouldn't complain when I am going back in "only" a month or so. I think there's a fine line between nice reminder and pure homesickness. I haven't found it yet, it always leads to homesickness!


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