Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Dear friends, there's so many things I have wanted to write about but I have had a really frustrating week. If it's not Vodafone destroying my online social life, it's ECG doing the same to the real life, hospital appointments not coming on on time because they double booked patients (!), meetings being delayed by three hours, business partners taking us back to square one or staff not performing and then getting the company into trouble for it.

I wanted to do a whole countdown to the very special day that my daughter Em turned one (Hooray!) but for now I'll simply leave you with a picture from last Friday's celebrations.

Today has been a very testing day. I got back from the hospital apointment which was postponed (and of course I only found out after two hours of waiting), to find the phone line still cut off, the internet still not working (despite both being paid up), and half an hour later... (oh come on, you know the only thing that could top this off) of course... lights off!

After 36 hours off lights off this weekend, I couldn't take another minute and we quickly headed out to visit an aunty in Airport Residential. This evening, when half of our lights had come on, I decided to have a look at my photos and organise the ones I wanted to print at the Accra Mall. Turns out the last time I went to the photo shop at the mall, they erased my entire memory card, meaning I've lost at least a month of photos! As you can imagine, I am still feeling extremely sad about that and tomorrow I intend to go there, see what can be done and give them a piece of my mind.

Still, as always trying to be positive, I'm focusing on the delicious dinner I had this evening (prepared by moi) of lobster with garlic butter, potato puree with basil and a dessert of apple cinnamon cake (yes, I baked too, there wasn't much else to do with no electricity) and vanilla ice cream. I bought the lobster from one of those guys on Oxford street, in Koala's yard, and I'm surprised to say it was yummier and cheaper than the ones I usually by at Tema European Market! Now, after a quick shower, I'm going to watch some new episodes of Gossip Girl or Desperate Housewives, also bought in Koala's car park and hopefully by tomorrow, the loss of my photos will be a faded memory.


Anonymous said...

Great picture! Your little one is too cute!

[ ] dUke [ ] said...

Vodafone is proof that foreigners aren't always better at management than the locals and ECG is proof that Ghanaians shouldn't be in management. Just kidding :-).

Seriously though,I feel your frustrations. But back again to Vodafone. Why open branches of hyper-fast internet cafes whiles the majority of your customers don't get regular reliable broadband speeds. I for one think those cybercafes on drugs, are hoarding our bandwidth and so should be smashed to bits :-)

Sorry about your pics. It would be a good idea to start backing up all your pics to your hard drive before using your mem outside.


Tigger said...

vilken fin bilkd, hoppas firandet var lyckat. :) tycker verkligen du ska tala om vad du tycker om att nån slarvar bort dina bilder.... hoppas det löser sig.här har inte hänt nåt än....kram

Raine said...

Awww, you guys look like you had a lot of fun. Happy birthday baby Em!

I know about the frustrations of LIGHTS OFF- and I've been hearing about the inferno like temperatures in Ghana at the moment and I just cant picture those two together.

As for Vodafone, I'm very disappointed in them and their less than mediocre service- I was hoping that they would be better since their affiliate here in the US is very reliable....EXPENSIVE but reliable. They really need to get it together!

Juanita said...

I still cant believ Vodafone's crap. I mean vodafone!!! ah well, hope you back up the pics, next time around. Happy Birthday to Em!

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Anon!

Duke, so true, I'll have to backup ASAP. And yes, how did Vodafone end up being so disappointing?

Tigger, tack, det blev ett fint firande och bilderna fick jag tillbaka! Berättar snart...

Raine, I suspect Vodafone will quickly sharpen up when GLO gets into town! Lights off + Ghana in March = hell on earth! Lol!

Thanks JuaNita, and yes, I will start backing up!sun


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