Monday, 8 March 2010

Who Wants to be Rich?

(Picture from Who wants to be rich Ghana)

…I just remembered what I actually wanted to write about yesterday. A TV moment that had me laughing really hard. On Who Wants to be Rich (we can’t afford to make people millionaires quite yet) this question pops up:
Which two primary colours make the colour green:
A. Red and yellow
B. Blue and yellow
C. Red and blue
D. Purple and red
(ok, I admit I don’t exactly remember the four options, but continue reading and you’ll see it doesn’t really matter). The TEACHER and UNIVERSITY STUDENT who is asked the question doesn’t know the answer. Hm, let me not even pass judgement but leave you to make your own comments. So instead he chooses to phone a friend. He calls his friend and this is how the conversation goes:

“Which two primary colours make the colour green:
A. Red and yellow”
"B. Blue and yellow"
"C. Red and blue"
"D. Purple and red"
Ok, I’m guessing the friend doesn’t get the format of the game, but watching it and seeing the contestant get more and more confused made my Sunday night! That is…until my laptop made me cry…


Raine said...

Ha ha ha ha. Wow, that's pretty funny.

Esi W. Cleland said...

so what's this ad really about? i've seen the billboards but have no clue

Maya Mame said...

Believe me Raine, each show is just as entertaining!

Esi, it's the Ghanaian version of the British game show, who wants to be a millionaire (also featured in Slumdog Millionaire). I love the gameshow, but the Gh version has an extra entertaining twist to it.

[ ] dUke [ ] said...

Yeah hilarious. The funny thing is when nerves get the better of the contestants.It's no wonder, especially when the game host himself doesn't convey the calmness and confidence that's expected of him. He looks like a Ghanaian weasel :-P

Maya Mame said...

So true, Duke! Or possibly a toad... ;)


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