Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A new local delicacy?

In the past few days two things have had me in disgusted shock. First, a blog post written by the Poet. That is, before the shock released and I laughed til I cried (poor Em was consoling her mummy, not realising I wasn't actually sad).

Yesterday, however, I heard something even more shocking. As I was driving in Ringway Estates with Joy playing in the background, the news reader suddenly mentioned that a man had recently found a g-string in his kenkey!

I don't know, my mind is filled with so many questions, how, why, whaaaaat?! But really and truly, I don't think I want an answer to any of my many queries (was the g-string new or old, clean or...worn, why and how were underwear and food so close to each other that they'd get mixed up, etc, etc), because each question just leads me to shudder more than the last.

I just thank my lucky stars most of my food is prepared at home and kenkey happens to be one of the few Ghanaian dishes I don't eat.


Myne Whitman said...

Underwar in food? A cold shiver just went up my spine...

Graham said...

Ah there is clearly someone who likes to cook in the nude! One does have to watch where the underwear goes after ripping it off with such joyful abandon.
It's good to read that said G-string is now in custody!

Maya Mame said...

Felt the same way Myne.

Lol, Graham! Here's hoping no other underwear is out there needing custody.

Kajsa said...

These are indeed shocking times. LOL

Maya Mame said...

Lol, Kajsa!


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