Thursday, 16 September 2010

A bloggi-blog world

In the past few (mainly internet free) weeks, I have spent some minutes every night mentally writing blogposts which I know will never be published. Each day I feel a slight guilt for again not posting anything. Isn't it strange? To whom am I feeling guilty: you or me? A bit of both, but mainly to the fact that when I'm doing something I like to do it right, and to me 'doing it right' means writing a few times a week at least. I've considered shutting down the blog at least for a few months til things settle down, but I would miss it too much. I think I'd miss it as much as you'd miss an ex even if you initiated the breakup. And as I go through these thoughts, I am amused by how much emotional space blogging has in my life.

Another example is that one of my favourite Swedish bloggers, Alexandra Pascalidou, a well-known journalist, author and presenter has just stopped blogging. Not only did I feel saddened to read that, I felt genuinely upset on her behalf on the news that she had broken up from her child's father (who had the most adorable temporary blog, in Swedish). Just by reading her words and sharing the experiences of this person so far away, who I have never met, I have managed to in some way become a part of her life (whether she knows it or not).

Anyway, this is a bit of a rambling post, just a quick hello to my IRL and blogger friends to let you know I am still around. Life is a bit challenging at the moment, but the future is looking bright, so hopefully sometime towards the end of the year, we'll have settled and there'll be more time for blogging, blogging, blogging!


Kajsa said...

Welcome back! And yes, Pascalidou's blog will be missed!

Maya Mame said...

Thank you Kajsa!


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