Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sitting at the centre of the world

So much to write about but I am oh so tired, so for now I will just mention my quick stop to the centre of the world. After a week that wasn't half bad, with enough time to relax, reflect, exercise and clean, this Saturday made a lovely weekend day. Lunch at the Poetress',scrumptious as always, consisting of jollof with squid, deliciously sauteed mushrooms and quickfried spinach with sundried tomatoes. From there Em and I met up with Virgo and roamed around town for a bit, then headed back to Tema with a necessary takeaway pack of wakye from Katawodieso (see how easily I can describe my whole life with food?!).

(Picture of Ave Maria borrowed from
Then we spontaneously decided to head to Ave Maria (formerly Tema Beach Club, I think). Somehow it was so rejuvenating and energy boosting to look out at the sea and be able to tell Em, "look, we're at the centre of the world!".

After that short trip of about thirty minutes, we headed home and ate our wakye. After putting Em to bed, I sat down to work on an agreement that I ought to have worked on much earlier in the week and couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for myself for working on a Saturday evening when I was so tired. And still, my little visit to Ave Maria reminded me that the world really is my oyster, anything is possible!

With that thought, I am going to read a chapter or two of Eat, Pray, Love, then sleep!

*Ave Maria is not technically the centre of the world, but Ghana and specifically Tema is the closest land to the centrepoint of the world, and since the Meridian grid is just a few metres from Ave Maria, that's our little reminder anytime we Temaites need to feel special.


Abena Serwaa said...

Nice piece...I gave a presentation in the Netherlands on Friday and started with "I'm from Ghana, we are at the Centre of the World" Everybody laughed..I then pointed out how true it was! Went to Ave Maria some years ago and loved it. Very serene place. I really think Ghana could do more with the Meridian line...perhaps it could be part of #BrandGhana...Hmmm

Raine said...

Jollof and squid?? Sauteed mushrooms, quick fried spinach AAANNNNDDD sun dried tomatoes?? WHAAAATTTTT?? Sounds deeeeelicious!

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Abena Serwaa! After getting back home, we said the same thing, we really ought to somehow cash in on being at the centre of the world.

Slow but sure, eh...?

Maya Mame said...

Raine, it was that delicious! I am lucky enough to have a domestic goddess as a friend. I'm just waiting for her to set up her own restaurant, then you'll soon see me rolling down the streets of Accra!

And I haven't even mentioned her death-by-chocolate chocolate cake or yummy vegan almond cake, mmm......


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