Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I guess some people...

...have too much time (and fantastic imagination) on their hands. How else would you explain finding time to do this:

(Picture borrowed from Daily Mail's website)

And along with it is an article on how Princess Diana's life would have been today, her Facebook status and how many Twitter followers she would have had.

I just don't understand why they made her look that old! My mother, who's well into her sixties looks about twenty years younger than that.

People is currently running a poll on whether the photo is disrespectful or appropriate. Go ahead and vote, or even better, just let me know what you think by commenting.


Raine said...

Saw this the other day. I think its CREEPY and UNNECESSARY!

Maya Mame said...

I can only agree, Raine! (Still, am I not contributing to it by posting the picture here? Oops!)

Abena Serwaa said...

Eerie, creepy and in poor taste! What on earth were they thinking?!

Maya Mame said...

Not much at all, is my guess, Abena.


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