Friday, 17 June 2011

Music, sweet music.

I'm going through what I can only describe as a music revolution. After years of not really finding time to listen to music (which I love so much!), I am making time for music in my life. Somehow, I've managed to squeeze it in to everything I do at the moment: upbeat music for walks and the gym, r 'n' b and quiet soul just before bedtime, but most exciting: world music and old school soul for when I'm working.

See, it has to be something mellow enough for me to still concentrate on work, yet keeping me in a good enough mood to continue working. So many songs are being rediscovered, songs I haven't listened to in years, even a decade or two (I know, I'm showing my age)!

From the World Music scene, I am falling back in love with Salif Keita's Moffou album, especially Here. And just as I can enjoy that song, despite not understanding the lyrics, I believe non-Swedish speakers can enjoy Marie Fredrikssons Ännu Doftar Kärlek, Eva Dahlgrens Vem Tänder stjärnorna or another Eva Dahlgren favourite, Ängeln i rummet


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