Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

What a lovely New Year's Eve!

Started the evening with a lovely turkey dinner at my sister's house. Then a game of monopoly, after which Virgo and I left the group to meet other friends at the Wheel of Gothenburg (it's like a small scale London Eye).
(Picture borrowed from the Wheel of Gothenburg website)

Thanks to perfect planning, we were at the top of the wheel when the clocks turned 0:00. As we toasted in the new year, with our complimentary bottle of (non-alcoholic) champagne and a 360 degree view of all the fireworks going off in the whole of Gothenburg, I thought, what a wonderful way to start the year.

2012 seems so exciting and promising for me, I wish you all the best for this exciting new year!


Anonymous said...

aah, you've been mentioning so many food on here! lol sounds yummy, wanna see pictures!

Kajsa said...

Happy New year! Glad to hear you have a promising and exciting year ahead, lets hope its for all of us!

Maya Mame said...

Sorry there haven't been pictures, fallingofftherye! I actually have lovely food pictures from Christmas, will try to make time to post them this weekend.

Kajsa, I definitely think it will be for us all (most of all for the little one, you'll see)!


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