Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New beginnings

New Job,
New Apartment,
New Friends,
New Projects,
New Routine,
New Laptop (woohoo!).

All I need now is new phone and I am all set for this brand spanking new year.

What's new for you in 2012? Is the year looking promising?


Raine said...

Same ol same, just a different year.

Sorry to be a debby downer.

But on the upside, I am expecting some news in the next few weeks though.

Maya Mame said...

Fingers crossed it will be good, Raine! You'll have to report back about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

hej hur går det med jobbet? kul? du får maila och berätta...var har i fått lägenhet? nyfiken, kram K

Maya Mame said...

Ok, ska meila antingen idag eller imorgon.


Abena Serwaa said...

New student apartment and new flatmates in the Netherlands but thats turning into a new hell for me at the moment and its only been 3 days!! On a more upbeat note, looks like two scientific publications I've written will be out this year...hopefully.
Also, I've come back to the Netherlands from Ghana with a new hairstyle that has caused some bewilderment and confusion (natural afro twists) but I love it!
Aside from that, it is all same ol same ol...

Maya Mame said...

Love natural twists! Used to have them done before I relaxed my hair and will definitely do it again when I go natural next time.

Sorry about the flatmates, they better sort themselves out, otherwise, make sure you sort them out. ;-)

But having two scientific pieces published is a huge accomplishment, congratulations!


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