Tuesday, 3 February 2009

If the shoe fits

There's been a whole lot of political shoe talk in the past months. First, and notoriously, George Bush was attacked twice by a journalist's shoes whilst visiting Iraq in December.

Then the guy who threw the shoe is honoured with...a statue of a shoe!

But only a few days later, the honorary shoe is removed as it is considered offensive by the Iraqi government. Now you didn't think that was the last time I'd mention 'shoe' today? Nooo, the latest news is that the shoe throwing trend has flown all the way to Europe!

A protester threw a shoe at the Chinese Prime Minister whilst he visited Cambridge University yesterday. Fortunately/unfortunately he was not as precise a thrower as the Iraqi journalist.

I watched the news and couldn't help but wonder and dread, how long before we'll have to take off our shoes EVERYWHERE we go as they clearly are the most potent political weapon, the next public enemy number 1, just as 'communists', 'terrorists', and 'weapons of mass destruction' have been in the past?


posekyere said...

What do I hear you say?
Next time you see people fumbling with their shoes in your presence, run like hell!
One of these days, the terrorists will be hijacking planes by threatening the crew with shoes à la Bush.
The way the shoe-weapon is being employed all over the place, it won't be long before you read of a smart entrepreneur selling 'shoe interceptors' to every president and Premier.

Denise said...

Hmm, women could also use their stilettos as a dangerous weapon, couldn't they? Maybe we should just start traveling 'bare feet' - though foot odours and hideous nails could also be considered weapons of mass destruction :-D

Adaeze said...

haha...ah I really hope we don't have to remove our shoes everywhere!

Maya said...

I know Adaeze. If it happens I guess ballerinas will always be in fashion: easy on and off access!

Maya said...

Ha ha ha!
That's so funny (and probably true), Posekyere! I'm sure we'll all be analysing the shoes of people next to us in public places, trying to assess the damage they may cause.

As for the shoe interceptor concept, you might be on to a great business idea (scam?).

Maya said...

So true Denise!
The metal stilettos would be especially viscious weapons. But oh dear, I hadn't even thought of what certain foot odours are like. Now there we're really speaking of biological warfare!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I was thinking just like Posekyere. Soon, we will not be allowed near VIPs unless we go barefoot.

Maya said...

Well Nana Yaw, after reading Denise's comment, perish the thought! (foot odours and nasty nails!)

Besides, the person who's ready to attack with his hsoe will then reach for his belt or watch. Where will this all end? Full nudity in the presence of VIPs? ;)

Abena said...

Never heard about the Chinese premier! What will people think of next?! I'm sure that even if shoes were prohibited , human beings will find something (potentially nastier) to chuck at unpopular people!

Maya said...

I know Abena. If shoes get banned it'll be interesting (hopefully) to see what the creative angry people out there come up with.

novisi said...

hi Maya,
nice shoes on display here... lol.

but i disagree that 'communists' are necessarily 'public enemies' number whatever!

a terrorist like Bush is a terrorist like Osama... that is anti-social... but a 'communist' like a christian or 'capitalist' or Hindu or fan of Liverpool is not necessarily an enemy of the public. else Obama must be labeled as communist and declared enemy for his socialist cash dish-outs (bail-outs?) which he's fighting hard to secure!

however, i love the shoes... i actually celebrated about that for bush... not because i endorse violence but because i believe action and reaction just happen!

Bush should be behind bars by now!!! but because the world is a funny place if not a cube, we are searching everywhere for Osama while leaving Bush to enjoy freedom!

in the end we all get tied in... in the name of security... so yes very soon if the shoes get too many then perhaps the frustrating banning of shoes will follow...


Sijui said...

Update for Maya: You can now get fresh milk from Shoprite at the Mall; its locally produced, packaged in Voltic looking bottles and flys off the shelves as soon as it arrives (so you have to ask the staff when the shipment normally arrives and stake out) but its there!!!!!!!!
Ayekoo Ghana and to some enterprising dairy manufacturer!

Maya said...

Hm, Novisi, try going to the States and calling yourself a communist and I think you'll see what I mean...

Completely agree with you though, has Bush not been the greatest weapon of mass destruction in the past 8 years? Why kill Saddam and search for Bin Laden when the most evil culprit is now walking around Texas?

Maya said...

Thank you Sijui (and God bless Emadom that produces the milk)! I happened to pass Shoprite today and bought a bottle, which I'll have with breakfast tomorrow. Can't believe my luck because it looked like they had just stocked the shelves and I just happened to go in whilst waiting for a friend.

Thanks so much for the tip, would not have known to look otherwise!


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