Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New life

As promised, I do have a good enough excuse for taking a leave of absence from the blog. Here it is:

So I went to Sweden to complete phase 1 and 2 of my latest project. The plan was to get in, slowly get through phase 1 and after a few months attempt phase 2. However, life never turns out as planned and instead I had to complete these phases almost as soon as I got here.

The project: the birth of my first child. Phase 1: pregnancy. Phase 2: labour. Well, after going through both of those some weeks ago and spending A LOT of time in hospital, I can proudly present to the world the most beautiful creature ever, my daughter.

We’re now attempting to take on phase 3: life. It’s a slow and steady process and lesson number 1 seems to be: my time is no longer my own. Hours can fly by and all I have managed to do is have a shower, change and feed her and yet I’ll not have had a minute’s rest. Even writing for this blog has been a project on its own as there are so many other things to do when I have some spare time (sacrificed half an hour’s sleep for this post!).

My hope is that I’ll manage to prevent this blog from being another “Mummy-blog”, but of course my life from now on will take on a new angle and I may have to delve further into the interesting topic of Boob Juice!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and bravo!!
She will grow to be a strong woman just like her mum.

BIG hugs to you both,

posekyere said...

Congrats Mama Maya!
Wishing you and the baby lots of love,joy and peace.
Bless You!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Excellent news, Maya. Congrats!

Adaeze said...

My oh my! I am so surprised! Maybe I was the only one who didn't know you were pregnant. I had no idea. Congratulations, that is so beautiful and wonderful. And your baby is adorable. I dn't mind you having a baby mommy blog at all, its all fun. I wish you the best of luck with everything and I'm confident you will succeed in your journey into motherhood :-)

Pernilla said...

Wow, gud vad roligt :)

Maya said...

Thank you N, Posekyere and Nana Yaw!

Adaeze, don't worry, being a bit superstitious about the whole thing, I think I kept quiet about the pregnancy for as long as possible and actually never mentioned it here. Feel a bit guilty now, I should've shared my experiences of being pregnant in Accra.

Pernilla, va kul att höra ifrån dig! Hur blev det, blir det någon flytt till Ghana? Skicka gärna nytt mail, lovar att bli bättre på att svara!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Congrats to the little hand in yours (so cute!). However, I agree with Adaeze, we dont mind a mummy blog, as long as it holds the high quality we have been used to in this space :-)

Esi W. Cleland said...

aww, congratulations! is there a special reason u had to be in sweden to have it?

Maya said...

Thanks Kajsa and Esi.

Kajsa, you flatter me! I'll try to aim for good quality then and at times sneak in some "mummy info".

Esi, to answer your question: no, there was no special reason at all.

Yngvild said...

hurray! congrats, she is wonderful! good luck with your new life, and I dont mind a mommy blog either, not with you as the author!

Sijui said...

AAAH MAYA! What a fantastic and wonderful development!!!! Please post more yummy pictures, and hey you know there are mommies who love your blog and are willing to share, support, laugh and cry with you! As you've already said...this is a life altering and mind blowing experience......please blow kisses on the little tummy and tickle those cute toes for me :)

Maya said...

Thanks Yngvild and Sijui, I am now convinced I should write a bit about my new life as a mummy.

And Sijui, feel free to cry a bit for me over the night I just had: 4.5 hours of constant walking, rocking and consoling my little girl before she finally settled 5.45 this morning. ;)

Abena said...

*Wow* Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Maya!!! Good to have you back in the blogosphere :)

Denise said...

Can't believe how I missed this post! Congrats and like everyone else some mommy blogs - and more pics - are definitely in order!

Maya said...

Thanks Denise and Abena! Now I just have to find enough time to read both your fabulous blogs again...

novisi said...

now how did i miss this great news for so long? omg!

congrats congrats congrats!!!

and enjoy motherhood!


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