Sunday, 24 May 2009


Today my local council had arranged for the whole area to set up loppmarknader (flea markets/yard sales). The purpose is mainly to promote recycling for environmental purposes and the hope is that it will big enough to enter the Guinness book of world records as the biggest neighbourhood yard sale. Anybody could set up in any public area in the whole borough and we were all encouraged to empty our cellars and attics.

There's been so many yard sales since I got here and what a perfect way to get rid of junk. It really supports the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure". It is one idea I wish we'd copy in Ghana. There are so many people who have far too much while others are lacking. I am pretty sure that such an idea would however be looked down and people would be ashamed to admit to buying items there. Here in Gothenburg, such airs are gone and we rather appreciate the quaint finds that can be made.

The best thing about it is that everything is being sold at a fraction of its ordinary price, nobody's looking at making a profit. A handful of children's clothes may be sold off for 20 kronor/GHc3!It is in fact parents that gain the most from these sales; it's an easy way to get rid of old clothes and items that the kids have grown out of and what better way to purchase games, films and clothes that the children will only enjoy for some months.

I however went away with nothing (believe me, for a bargain shopper like me, that's an achievement!), it was enough to watch the crowds and enjoy the sun that briefly popped out.


Abena said...

Ahh flea-markets. I do miss those. Some years back, my freshly graduated (?) roommates and I were able to furnish our apartment in New York with alot of good stuff from flea-markets! I agree that in Ghana there would definitely be some stigma attached to being a flea-market shopping.....but then again people are quite happy to head over to the market for a little Bend-Down-Boutique shopping. Mmmm but yet again, not many people would admit to being Bend-down shoppers so you do have a point!

Maya said...

I know! So many people are wearing obroni-wa-wu, but nobody's admitting to it. If the stigma was gone, there'd be such a huge second hand market.


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