Saturday, 16 May 2009

Running and Singing

For almost two weeks I haven't been able to write due to lack of sleep, Virgo constantly using my laptop and, most annoyingly, not having anything to write once I finally get the chance to go online.

A Swedish politician created the expression "gröt i hjärnan", loosely "porridge brain" to explain what happened to her thinking process during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Somehow, I think I'm suffering from porridge brain too! The thoughts and great ideas for writing that I had planned out in my head are now muddled up into one big mess, leaving nothing concrete for me to think about. My thoughts flash to my friend who had a baby last year and went back to work after six weeks. How lucky I am not to be in the same position, as I'd probably find myself making mistakes all the time.

Instead I'm enjoying my maternity leave by doing simple things that the brain can handle, e.g. today, watching Göteborgsvarvet (the Gothenburg Race) in the sunshine. For only the second time since I arrived, I had to take off my thin sweater as I was too hot. What a luxury when outside Ghana! Unfortunately I had put my camera away when Spiderman passed me and when two men ran by in only tarzan Speedos! At least I tried to capture a man in a wig and makeup (didn't get a good picture as you can see).

And now, I'm continuing my lazy Saturday by watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Hey, when are we establishing the African Song Contest? Or are we too sophisticated for that...? ; )


Adaeze said...

no worries - I like reading your posts either way!
It is truly a luxury to be able to remove sweathers outside, lol.
I vote for African song contest - it'd be cooler than the european one. I find it to be so goofy. But HEY Norway won this year! Weeeeeeeee :-D

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Welcome back, for the time being. In the spirit of absence makes the heart grow fonder, you'll be a star all over again in the blogosphere when you start your daily posts again.

Yngvild said...

thanks for the 12 points Maya :) We got to celebrate 17. mai today with our sweathers off!

Maya said...

Thanks Nana Yaw!

Adaeze and Yngvild, congratulations on Syttende Mai! I can only imagine the amazing celebrations in Norway today. Even saw two Norwegian flags flying high on my walk today.


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