Sunday, 17 May 2009


I can't believe it. First my longlost cousin who I'm getting to know now visits Ghana in April. Then my dear friend from boarding school who I haven't seen since 1993 decides to go to Ghana in May.

And now Obama has decided to come to Ghana on the 10th and 11th of July on his foreign tour! When did I choose to be out of Ghana? March to August. What are the odds that I'd be out of the country that I haven't left for more than a couple of weeks at a time since 2005 when this historic event occurs? Granted, even if I were in the country I doubt Barack and Michelle would come over for dinner, but it'd still be nice to be able to say "I was there". At the moment I feel a bit jealous of all of you who will be there to witness the visit. So jealous in fact, I have considered changing my flight, but surely it's not worth it.

Is it?


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi! I was acctually checking to see if anybody else had posted on this hot-hot topic, but nobody had so yeah we must have written about Obama at the very same time:-)

Dont sweat changing your ticket. I am already thinking about the drama and heat one likely has to endure to maybe, maybe see a back limo swerve by.

Or maybe I'll try to make friends with Prof starting tomorrow and hope for a closer seat in the shade. Would you go that far?

Maya said...

True, if it's anything like when Bush visited, and it will probably be worse, it'll be better to be out of the country.

Sijui said...

Ayekoo Ghana!!! The writing is on the wall for all Africans to see....."now this is an African country we can believe in."

I think Obama's visit will be fantastic based on the calibre of speech he will give. I am confident that because the man is 1) very intelligent and an internationalist plus 2) has very good familiarity with Africa at the grassroots level rather than at the superficial diplomatic level....he will want to prepare a SUBSTANTIVE address for his audience that doesn't pander or condesend, is not contrived and simplistic and is honest, intelligent and relevant to the political, economic and social developments on the continent and in Ghana.

That is what I look forward to, an African American intellectual conversing with African peers on the same bandwith. That to me has always been the PROMISE OF OBAMA for AFRICANS. An individual of African descent who has celebrated that heritage and defied the odds by transcending the limitations of his race IN HIS OWN MIND AND ON HIS OWN TERMS.

Maya said...

Beautifully said, Sijui, and I completely agree with you. I look forward to hearing what he has to say, I'll just have to do it via the internet. :)

novisi said...

the title here makes me recall sometime back when Shaba Ranks was to come to Ghana and an advert was rolled out on tv:

One male: "Shaba in Ghana, I can't believe it"

Another; female: "Shaba in Ghana, I can't believe it".

already all kinds of funny reasons are being thrown out why Obama is coming to Ghana.

I believe a man/woman would go anywhere in this world where he finds interest!

i wanted to blog about this and i wanted to ask the question why not to Kenya first?

i believe in that sense Ghana or any other part of sub-saharan Africa (apart from homeland Kenya) is strategic for the man Obama for a first visit.

else from my analytical point of view it would just be an 'oh yeah right! that's his fathers homeland anyway!'

i don't know what i feel about this visit really. Though i like the man for what he preaches generally.

and his recent speech about abortion to the Notre Dame school people for me is just a classical case of how i believe human beings must live! we've had enough of 'caricatures'!

peace on earth!

Maya said...

Hi Novisi,

I think if he had gone to Kenya it would definitely be seen as a personal choice more than a professional one. I think it's great for Ghana. It shows our great stance and future potential in terms of economy, democracy, peacekeeping and...oil finds!

I think it signals that we are at the forefront of Africa's future development, well, at least I hope that's why he's chosen to visit us first.


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