Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Yes, pain is the best way to describe how I've been feeling since Friday. It started with a toothache, I'm ashamed to admit the reason for the toothache, let's just say I ought to have gone to the dentist a loooong time ago. Then on Sunday night I started feeling nauseous, having clearly eaten something I don't agree with. Monday evening, and suddenly my head was feeling very heavy, continued by swollen glands, sore throat and a runny nose.

Have these 'pains' released each other? No, of course they've been overlapping! So since Tuesday I've had severe toothache, flu-like symptoms (don't even mention the pig word, I can't afford to catch that flu at the moment) and an upset stomach, which thankfully has cleared now. What am I doing to cure myself? Since I'm car-less at the moment and feeling a bit too fluey to sit in a dental clinic or any clinic for that matter, I've been curing myself in the most natural way: lots of teeth brushing, gargling and flossing, fresh orange juice and munching on garlic and ginger and of course staying off any spicy or too risqué foods. Don't worry, I'm sure by Friday I'll sort myself out with proper medical care.

For now Em, the internet and funny anecdotes keep me in good spirits. My mum just called me after her ride to Tema in a taxi this evening. As they got on the motorway they were hit by heavy rain and then the most powerful lightning she's ever experienced. As the lightning struck near them, she threw herself forward and clutched the seat in front of her, then once it cleared she asked the driver:
"Did you feel that?!"
He answered: " Yes madam, it was so powerful I even closed my eyes and bent down to hold my knees!".

Erm... who was driving (on the motorway!!!)???

(If you're out there, please have a safe ride home.)


Nita said...

lol!!!!!!! That was genius from the driver..yeahhhh who was driving then?
The erm symptoms err are kinda like err Porcus flu( you said not to mention the pig thingy,hence I googled the latin name..)
Sorry about your tooth. :)

Maya Mame said...

Nita, hm I think I may have to see a doctor about that which we shall not mention (also referred to as bacon fever, lol!), wouldn't want to spread it to anyone else.

As for the tooth, I brought it on myself after developing a really sweet tooth when my daughter was born (and...erm, not sorting out the cavity as advised to in...March!)

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Haha, priceless comment!

Too bad you are not well, was thinking lunch today...But feel better and we shall try again next week?

Maya Mame said...

Yeah, next week sounds better, look forward to it, we can catch up on Nobel dinner gossip and lucia experiences!

Abena Serwaa said...

*yikes* who was driving on the motorway indeed! Thank goodness your mum is okay!! Love the homemade cures. BTW, I just read that the "pig related" flu is much milder than we have all thought so you should check it out!

Maya Mame said...

It seems a lot of people recover before they knew they had it, Abena Serwaa. Maybe I ought to get myself checked, but I'm much better now though.


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