Friday, 4 December 2009

'Tis the season...

We're now firmly in December and you know what that means: Christmas! Last year, the election was the grinch that unexpectedly stole Christmas when instead of being over and done with on December 7th, we had to wait till early this year to have all the results in.

Well this year, nothing will stop me from preparing for the coming holiday. Em and I (poor child, whether she likes it or not, she'll be brainwashed with christmas delights) are getting in the mood by hook or by crook. We already got the necessary Swedsih treats from London. We started with minor decorations around the house on Monday, but soon realised it's going to take a lot more before we can ignore the heat and really get a feel of the holiday spirit.

So I realised the best way to do that is with music. First, with Swedish nostalgia courtesy of Pernilla Wahlgren (a musical artist from a well known entertainment family who's been around for about 25 years):

and Sissel Kyrkjebö (who's actually Norwegian), with the purest of voices for this song, O Holy Night.

Then, last year's favourite, Alexandra Burke singing Halleluja. Now if only I could get a clip of Six pence None the Richer singing It came upon a Midnight clear, I'd be very very happy.

All this serves as a perfect prelude to the Carols Nights I intend to go to. After all, there really is no better way to get into the mood of the season. I believe Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institute will be putting on some Christmas concerts, if I could be bothered with the drive, I'd aim to see Ghana School of Law's carols night, as it is the one place you'll hear a few Ghanaian carols (I suspect theirs is on next Thursday).

Last year I cut a lonely figure at Ridge Church's carols night (Virgo was of course politicking at the time), I didn't consider myself lonely, but my aunties who I bumped into thought it looked so sad seeing a pregnant woman all alone in the corner, lol! I hope this year I'll make it to Ridge Church again and maybe one of the others I've mentioned. Perhaps I'll see you there?

The best thing about Christmas? It is the season of giving. Do your bit by clicking the button below. For every click, Pampers will, through UNICEF, donate tetanus vaccin to a child or pregnant woman in a developing country.


Raine said...

Yeah election '08 was a total buzzkill for Christmas. I didn't feel the Christmas spirit in the air, just a whole lot of tension.

Hopefully this year (exactly 3 weeks away, wow, how time flies!) will be a lot better.

Maya Mame said...

Definitely Raine, I have high hopes for this year's. Really, nothing could be worse than last year's tension.

Nita said...

♫ To be jolly fa lalala lalalala! ♫
the songs are ehem, err okay let's be honest, I dont understand one bit but its got some groove to it.. :)

Yngvild said...

Hope you have a great christmas this year, with no grinch stealing your christmas spirit! Put the ac on full speed and put on socks:) that will help! God jul!

Maya Mame said...

Yeah, the songs may not be the best Nita, but somehow they manage to get us in the mood!

Maya Mame said...

Will definitely follow your advice, Yngvild. God Jul right back at you!

Jessica said...

åh vad roligt att få läsa din blog! Stort grattis i efterskott!! Hoppas ni kan få lite julstämning i värmen!

Kram kram

Maya Mame said...

Tack Jessica! Vi gör vad vi kan, planerat luciafirande på söndag borde hjälpa till.


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