Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ghana Loves Haiti concert.

I did promise to update you on how to help the Haiti victims from Ghana. A concert was held about ten days ago at Alliance Francaise with a fantastic lineup. Unfortunately I missed it because someone decided 21:00 was a more fun bedtime than 19:30, but read about Kajsa's rather exciting experience here.

The Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Ghana informs me that there's a Ghana Loves Haiti relief concert being held this Saturday at the International Conference Centre from 19:30. For further information check their facebook page where there is also information on how to donate money by texting.

Of course after hearing how long it is taking to get help to the victims and after reading Holli's criticisms of the corruption that goes on where disaster strikes, some of my inital enthusiasm at giving money to those in need is now lost.


posekyere said...

Yes, Maya.
I hope Haiti does not become a forgotten case as soon as the cameras move away from their shores.
They really need as much help as possible. All hands on deck

Maya Mame said...

Completely agree, Posekyere. It is sad that one has to doubt and wonder what will happen to any contributions we make.

Jessica said...

Tack :-) Har också skänkt, till unicef....Hoppas pengarna kommer fram och verkligen gör skillnad...Har precis varit värsta skandalen med rädda barnens generalsekreterare som försnillat miljoner!

Hoppas ni mår bra! Här är det snökaos och varit så sen mitten av december, helt galet! Hade mkt hellre varit där du är nu!

Kram Jessica


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