Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rawlings drama... as usual.

Here's another nasty surprise. A man, Nana Darkwa, who in a radio interview claimed that Rawlings set his own house on fire has been remanded in custody, denied bail and will spend the next two weeks at Nsawam prison (Nsawam = a horrid, horrid prison just outside Accra). At the moment I am too tired to even go into detail and lay out what a disgusting breach of human rights and freedom of speech this is. For me, the past two weeks have been exhausting, emotional, tiring and scary, but it looks like things are turning around and there will be a brighter future, fingers crossed.

So instead of me trying to make sense of my sleep-deprived thoughts, please do let me know what you think, is there any way of justifying the imprisonment of Nana Darkwa?


Anonymous said...

No justification whatsoever. I was just as appalled when I saw the news this morning. Where in the world can an individual tell the police whom to arrest and when? The most they could have done was to sue the two men for slander, but prison??? What about Rawlings accusing Kufuor (not that I liked him any better as president) of killing the Yaa Na? Should he have been thrown into prison for making those comments? I'm so tired of this fake democracy. And Mills is sitting there and watching this happen...

posekyere said...

Atta Mills is the most impotent leader Ghana has ever had.
Whilst he sleeps on the job, the thugs of rawlings are throwing their weight around.
The NDC is a band of mindless autocrats and thugs bent on taking the country back to the dogs.
To them freedom of expression only applies if rawlings' name is not mentioned in an uncomplimentary way. This man is like a god to them no wonder he behaves like a demigod. Makes me sick.
A sad day in the politics of Ghana!!

Maya Mame said...

Anon, you are right, this fake democracy is getting tired!

Maya Mame said...

Took the words right out of my mouth, Posekyere. Which probably is a good thing otherwise I might end up in Nsawam myself!

Anonymous said...

Atta mills is in trouble for allowing this crap.This guy rawlings and the wife have played the biggest con game on some Ghanaians.Their are not poor please.Bye the way if their try to mess with us we will face them well..well..peace.

Abena Serwaa said...

Hmmm Maya...Interesting times. Here are some comments I have heard today regarding this issue:
1. "What?! Are we back in 1982?!
2. "Well, Oman FM and Choice FM have people on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays insulting Mills to the hilt and he does not act due to his respect for freedom of speech"
3. "I better not say anything lest I get arrested and carted off to Nsawam"
4. "If you are going to make an accusation that could be libelous and slanderous, then you better have the facts to support your case in case someone challenges you"
5. "Who is exactly is Kofi Adams anyway?"
6. "Who is Nana Darkwa?"
7. "Who kraa is Rawlings?"

Although he probably thought he was protecting the image and integrity of his employer, Kofi Adams has managed to open a whole can of worms best left unopened! He has also provided a mind-numbing headache for the government who are constantly being forced to try and downplay issues related to the Ex-Ex-president.

Anonymous said...

@Abena - Hmmm, I seriously doubt that Kofi Adams acted without the consent of Rawlings. He would not have taken such drastic action had he not had the full backing of his boss.

Maya Mame said...

Anon, it's good you're anonymous or you might be headed on a fully loaded bus to Nsawam!

Maya Mame said...

Abena, I've said things similar to number 1 and 3 myself today and I am loving number 7, lol! Isn't it funny how people constantly have to come out and explain to us issues and quotes concerning the Rawlingses, as if we don't have ears and brains ourselves.

Interesting times indeed!

Abena Serwaa said...

@Anon okay I concede; perhaps Kofi Adams consulted his boss b4 embarking on this ill-advised action.
@Maya LMAO! That is so true; we are given explanations when we can hear Mr. Rawlings loud and clear. I also find it amusing when govt people are asked their opinions on some of the colourful Rawlings statements and they say 'well, Mr. Rawlings is entitled to his own opinion'. It appears he is the only one in Ghana entitled to his own opinion!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

He only spoke words. There is no justification for his temporary incarceration!

Maya Mame said...

True Abena, the rest of us better keep our opinions to ourselves.

Nana Yaw, I'm happy the government finally realised that too.

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be tough to get a group of opinionated bloggers to keep their thoughts to themselves. Why else do we post our thoughts on the internet? Why, because we have strong opinions about our society and how it should be run and NO ONE, not even Mr. Rawlings can make us otherwise.

Our forefathers used freedom of speech to gain us Independence and we have fought to include this in our constitution. Ain't no way ANY self respecting Ghanaian can sit by and watch while people are carted off to prison for having opinions. Go ahead and sue for defamation of character if you like but under no circumstances should someone be held for behaviour that you yourself have exhibited in the past. I remember Mr. Rawlings saying the NPP was responsible for the serial killings. I remember him saying Kufuor killed the Yaa Na. WHy then can't someone say that he burned down his own house?

Instead of using his usual tactic of bullying, Mr. Rawlings should learn to present facts as evidence and "prove" his innosence. And heck no, I'm not anonymous. I say what I want. Sue me :P

Maya Mame said...

Well said, Daixy! Like you said, we shouldn't be afraid at all to say what we truly think. I think this might backfire on Rawlings though, he has angered those of us who support freedom of speech (and remember his many freedoms of speech!) and now we are ready to talk back at any occasion!


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