Thursday, 21 October 2010

Immigrants shot in Malmö, Sweden

I read something to day which really depressed me. A young man of foreign descent has been shot in Malmö and it seems this is one of many shootings targeting foreigners in Malmö. This evening two women have been shot (Swedish) through a window to an apartment. This makes the police' advice that foreigners ought to avoid going out after dark completely useless, clearly even in their (our?) own homes they'll be targeted.

This is bringing forth memories of Lasermannen, the man who in the early Nineties targeted, shot and murdered immigrants around Sweden. It is also completely in line with the recent elections and the entry into Parliament by the nationalistic party, the Sweden Democrats. It is typical that the election result would boost some racist's confidence in that he/she can do anything to foreigners in Sweden.

I hate the idea of these innocent persons being targeted for nothing other than their features and ethnic background. Unfortunately, I have no reason to have faith in the Swedish police service, they've disappointed the country on far too many occasions. As foreigners are being cautioned to consider where they go and at what hours, I can't help but agree with Alexandra Pascalidou (Swedish), surely the Police' actions and advice would have been very different if the offenders had been a moslem 'terrorist' group targeting Swedes?

Here's hoping there's some positive news tomorrow. Goodnight.


Nana said...

Very unfortunate

Raine said...

It seems immigrants can never win anywhere. Sigh.

On a lighter note, the Embassy of Sweden got voted the best embassy in the DC Metro area.

Maya Mame said...

Yes Nana Yaw, apparently another person was shot today. Very frightening.

Raine, it's good to hear there's some good news about Sweden somewhere else.

Abena Serwaa said...

Heard about the is really sad. It appears to be the state of Europe today; in hard times people are starting to direct their frustrations towards foreigners. Suddenly far-right political parties are gaining ground in supposedly liberal places like the Netherlands (did someone say Geert Wilders?). Suddenly people are saying immigrants need to integrate better...others are questioning Muslim women's garb and in Britain, the myth continues that immigrants are basically coming into the country in droves to be benefits-cheats. Things are not looking good in Europe at all.

Maya Mame said...

So true, Abena Serwaa. Things are not looking good at all. It is sad and I don't think the racists realise how integrated foreigners are into their countries and system and the impact these actions will have.

Very soon they will realise that kicking out the minorities has nothing to do with the state of the economy and they will only be lucky if others, like me, have not decided to leave for the current and future booming economies that are found in Africa and Asia.


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