Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Life is a soap opera!

This afternoon I've been tuning in and out of CNN to follow the rescue of the Chilean miners. As we are discussing the impressive planning and organisation that Chile has shown the word, suddenly a Facebook friend of mine reveals a side drama that is going on behind the scenes: Apparently the 21st miner, Yonni Barrios Rojas, has both a wife and a mistress who only learnt of each other's existence when both applied for compensation in his name.

Both wife and mistress were expected to be at the mine to meet him, but only one of them turned up. The news networks have been speculating whether it is the wife or the mistress who was there, I followed it through my Facebook friend who said:

"Conflicting news on the identity of the woman who greeted Barrios at the surface. Chilean TV say wife. CNN go with mistress. BBC reckon wife."

According to this website, the wife (of 28 years!) decided not to show up, so he will be met by his mistress.

Never again will I think that the storylines in telenovelas are exaggerated!


Raine said...

I just heard about this on the radio today. Drama.

Maya Mame said...

If this were in your parts of the world, I'm sure he'd be propositioned for a reality show: Keeping up with the Rojas, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

W-H-A-T!...the mistress had no right whatsoever to have applied for compensation! She is a gold digger!

The wife of 28years didn't appear?

If so, she wanted to respect herself & avoid any scene..she might had been in the crowd watching?


Maya Mame said...

Housewife, cheeky isn't it, to even try for compensation?! I agree, think the wife didn't want to become part of the media farce that was playing out.

Men, indeed! ;)


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