Monday, 11 October 2010

Introduction to potty training.

I usually let Em run around without a nappy for a bit every day to air her little botty, it just feels a bit cruel that this little person should have to wear a nappy 24 hours a day. Also, I read somewhere that children who go diaperless are pottytrained faster. This evening, she was running around, no nappy in sight, being a little busybody, when my mum - who had been taking care of her all day whilst Virgo and I were in business meetings - said "She still hasn't pooed today". We continued doing what we were doing, watching TV, on the internet, eating dinner when suddenly I catch something happening. Almost seeing it in slowmotion, I watched in horror as a solid, soft, brown mass fell between Em's legs on to the marble tiles.

"Poo, poo, poo!", I heard mysef yelling as the next few minutes turned into what looked like a well choreographed farce. I threw myself over the newly bought toilet roll, ripping of the plastic as fast as I could, as my mum tried to identify any other defacated areas (there were four in total) and Virgo simultaneously picked Em up, took her to the bathroom and washed her down.

All this took place in a matter of about 90 seconds after which we all got back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Well, it's good to know what to expect in the next few months when potty training begins!


Anonymous said...


david said...

This may be a bit off topic however it affects many families. We have a four year old with autism we are trying to potty train and a soon to be 3 year old with ADHD who isn’t trained yet. They both disrobe and play in their diapers. We actually invented some clothing that helps the situation. It is called The Wonder Jumper and it is a romper sleeper that zips in the back. Our company is called iKids Fashion thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

lol....that kids for you....yes, they quickly get potty-trained that way....ha! the joy of motherhood...*grinning*

Sijui said...

A post to brighten my day, go EM!
I tell you the day will come soon when she will be using the big girls' toilet and insisting on doing everything for herself to your discomfort because you know she's got the hang of the poopin' in toilet part but not the cleaning part :) Enjoy!
BTW its still a production with my 4 year old going to the bathroom!!!! I have sworn that I am keeping all these notes and unleashing on her wedding day!!!!

Maya Mame said...

You said it, Anon!

Good luck with the potty training David, will check out your products.

I guess I have more 'joys' to look forward to, Nitty Gritty...

Oh gosh Sijui, you've really made me realise I am just at the beginning of this patience testing period. But you're right, we have the wedding day revenge to look forward to!


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