Friday, 9 December 2011


What are the chances I'll be able to write something everyday for the next 15 days? Shouldn't be too hard, right? Well, I'm challenging myself by making my own advent calendar.

To me, Christmas in Sweden is all about the advent calendar. Not the nasty chocolate ones, but rather a home made one with simple surprises in it every day, or Swedish Television's calendar that we al used to watch as children, each day.

My blog calendar will be to post a Christmas song each day until Christmas Day. I'm sure by then, we'll all be fed up of it, but on a positive side, perhaps I'll be back in blogging mode by then and can continue writing about normal things.

I'll start with my favourite of all time: O Holy Night. Is there any Christmas song that is more beautiful? I challenge you to find one!

In Swedish:

And English:



Yngvild said...

hey.. Sissel :)

Maya Mame said...

Love Sissel, Yngvild!


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