Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Water, water everywhere... 3

Seems this is an endless topic of discussion. It was with interest I've followed the water situation in Ghana, at times very happy to be here, away from any issues of water shortage. That was until I saw this: a notice informing us that today, between 13 and 15 they will turn off our water for maintenance works.

Two hours may seem like a little, but the scary part is the sentence that says, "these times are estimates only, the period may be prolonged without further notice". Like Virgo remarked, "This is Tema, isn't it?".

Needless to say, I've made plans for us to be out at the time, we'll be doing such exciting things as... the weekly food shopping!

Of course, today is Lucia, so before shopping, we'll make a quick stop in Nordstan for Virgo and Em to experience a bit of Lucia celebrations. So for you, today's Christmas song is a glimpse of how Lucia is celebrated.


Raine said...

I was thrown off by the 13 and 15 bit...I thought it read December 13-15. Then I remembered Europe uses military time.

Anyway that next sentence will make me nervous too, but hopefully, it will be nothing to worry about. Enjoy your Lucia day!

Maya Mame said...

Was nothing to worry about, Raine! Got home at 16:30 (4.30pm) with no signs of water shortage, phew!

And thanks, we really did enjoy the day.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Two hours. I am laughing here! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyways: Happy to hear you are sharing the best Swedish tradition (Lucia) with our dear Ghanaians :-) ANd that they'll experience REAL xmas!

Maya Mame said...

I know Kajsa, very spoilt of me, but i am too traumatised from Ghana to even deal with two hours, lol.

So far, the Ghana crew are enjoying my Christmas plans. Tomorrow: christmas village at Liseberg, can't wait.

Do the same with S in two years' time, she'll love it!


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