Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mulled wine and Saffron cupcakes

The day has been as perfect as a December day could be in Sweden. We woke up to snow-covered streets and buildings. I started off my day with a gym-class, then I spent the next 2-3 hours baking for Christmas. Lussekatter, gingerbread, saffron cupcakes, you name it, but photographic evidence will have to come later, when I sort out my many technological issues.

After baking and a bit of cleaning, we all headed to meet my friend MJ at Liseberg, Northern Europe's largest amusement park, which has gone all out, turning itself into Sweden's largest Christmas market.

We warmed our cold handds and faces over the charcoal grills that were found at every corner. A necessary stop was made at one of Liseberg's cafés for hot chocolate and mulled wine, before we headed home.

Now, within ten minutes of getting home, Em is fast asleep and I am just about to collapse into bed myself.

Can't think of any better way to sum up this day than with Nat King Cole's idyllic Christmas tune.


Raine said...

Wow, you're on a roll this month Maya! Keep it up, love reading these new entries!!!!!!

Christmas markets are a very foreign concept to me and most of America. I saw what I'm assuming was a Christmas market when I went to Paris...from inside a bus- boo! It was a bunch of tents that were set up lining one side of the street and they selling all kinds of Christmas-y stuff but unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to be nosy and peruse the tents like I would have liked- I was especially curious about the mulled wine.

Maya Mame said...

Yes Raine, I set myself the target of blogging everyday until Christmas, and I intend to stick to it!

Christmas markets are exactly that, a lot of Christmas related handicrafts, homemade chocolates, gingerbread, etc. Of course, Liseberg being a huge amusement park also had an ice skating rink, animal farm and an ice bar!

I may have to post a recipe of mulled wine for you, it can easily be made at home and really sets the mood for christmas. Keep reading, it'll come soon... ;-)

Raine said...

"Like" to this whole response ;-)


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