Friday, 7 November 2008

Good Friday?

I guess most people had a rather unproductive day on Wednesday, after spending the night watching Obama win...or was that just me? Either way, that, plus a lovely relaxed evening with K yesterday and a completely non-work oriented day today, topped off by a visit from Akinyi this evening, means I am now, on a Friday evening buried in my Conveyancing & Drafting notes, Conveyancing Decree, High Court Civil Procedure Rules and Rent Act, trying to sort out some matters for work as soon as possible. Oh the joy!

Well, at least I have been granted many options for how to spend my Saturday in a fun, relaxed manner: either lunch at the Poetress' house with Mother Superior attending, a trip with SQB to the bead place on the Dodowa road, accompanying my mother to a funeral (hm, sounds more like a potential chore) or hanging out with Akinyi and the gang in Aburi.

And although my heart always beats for the beautiful hills of Aburi (calling them mountains is ridiculous to anyone who's ever stepped outside Ghana), I think lunch at the Poetress' will win this time, after all I was in Aburi just two weeks ago.

What are you up to this weekend?


Yngvild said...

hey, i like that you ended your post with a question, it really makes me feel involved :) I wish I was going to Aburi, or anywhere in Ghana for that matter.... But im gonna walk around in frozen streets in Norway and buy clothes since I didnt bring any... :-) god helg..

Maya Mame said...

Tack Yngvild, might try the question thing more often then.

The funny thing is I saw your pictures and felt so jealous about the frost and beginnings of snow (not missing the cold though, had to buy winter boots when I went to London in...September!)

Your nephew is so cute!


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