Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lather up!

Although I'm watching the Presidential Debates on TV, I feel there's been too much politics in this blog so I'll avoid the topic...for today. Today we had another hot day. And whilst another blogger was pondering over peeing-techniques (funny post, just wish I hadn't read it while eating lunch!), I've been wondering what our soaps are made of.

Even what you use to wash your body betrays your cultural background. While I would never be caught washing with bar soaps and rather use my shower-gels, body scrubs and body gloves for sponges, Virgo insists on taking his bar soap and net-looking sponge EVERYWHERE! His bar soap, Geisha (with its ridiculous TV ads), was the reason we were stopped in every damn airport in Europe. Apparently in the x-ray machines it looks like a solid explosive mass (translate sprängdeg, anyone?).

Any way, I digress. What I meant to talk about was the funny...smell the bar soap leaves behind. I use it every once in a while to wash my hands when nothing else is available, or for clothes requiring handwash, when I'm too lazy to look for the Omo. Every time I use it there's a smell of old oil, grease on my hands. I feel like I've dipped them in an old chip-pan full of oil. This occurs with other soaps too, not only Geisha. As I know fat is used to make soaps (it is isn't it?), I can't help but wonder: is old oil and grease from pots used to make the big brand soaps of our country?! Any answers?


Sijui said...

Tell Virgo he is the man!!! My husband introduced me to those plastic net thingys for bathing/showers and that is all we use now :) Too funny! And Geisha rocks!!!!!!!!

Maya said...

Ha ha, I'll tell him! When I use them I end up with scratches all over me, but no doubt, they're the best for a clean body!

Qué? said...

Reminds me of what I learnt about the making of soap by watching 'Fight Club' and learning about about Nazi Concentration Camps: pretty gross.

I have to admit though: Geisha is the bomb. It just never. runs. out. It's like the Mary Poppins handbag of soaps: infinite capacity.

Maya said...

Gosh Que, you just reminded me, I'll have to refresh my memory by watching the movie (which happens to be one of my all time favourites)again. As for Geisha never running out, you've only made me more suspicious of what actually goes into making it!


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