Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Team building the Accra way.

Baywatch is showing on Mnet Series. For the first time ever I am able to appreciate the genius that is David Hasselhoff. How smart to build a series on boobs, high cut red swimsuits and bimbos and himbos! What better way to become the series to be shown in more countries of the world than any other (true fact)? I mean, why bother even dubbing or adding subtitles, who is really following the script, the viewers are only interested in the long running scenes and the the...bouncing.

Anyway, as promised, I'll write a bit about the team building day. Here's my "successful" program:
We started by an introduction to why the day was being held and a short talk about how the company was doing. Then, the team was divided into groups of four and given questions to each answer before we'd meet and go through them together as a team. Since I made up my own questions, I know I can share them. Basically:
1. How long have you worked with the company?
2. What is currently your greatest challenge at work and why?
3. What has been your best ever day at work and why?
4. What needs to be done to make each day resemble your best day at work?

For each exercise, I randomly divided the staff into groups and equally randomly picked team leaders for each group.

The next exercise was the most fun. I built a "house" out of Lego, then the groups were to copy what I had built. Each group had to, at the same time send one person to look at the building for only 5 seconds, then that person had 25 seconds to tell the other group members how to build, before they were allowed to send another person of to observe the building. If I were to do it again, I'd give them 10 seconds each, five is just too short (or maybe my building was to complicated).

I think this game proved the most popular because it involved a bit of physical exercise (running to look at the building), playing with Lego and the general excitement of building something half of the group had not seen, whilst at the same time working against the clock. It's important to make sure as the organiser that you've actually built the house with the pieces you give to the teams to make sure they can actually do it.

The most interesting and developing part of the day was the discussion and analysis after each game (we played 2-3 more games, but I can't bore you with all of that!). This was the opportunity to realise what the employees felt about work, what changes they felt were necessary and helping them understand how the games were useful and help developed teamwork.

All in all, a great day enjoyed by everyone involved!


The Author said...

The building-blocks idea sounds brilliant. There's nothing like bringing out the child in all of us at a retreat for adults. Each team of builders was such a contrived construct that a subordinate at work could actually be one's team leader for the game / day. I bet it made for great esprit de corps, too. If you are able / permitted to share, did you make any poignant discoveries / observations about the group? Did the group / any individuals make any self-discoveries? Where are my lecture notes, as promised? Or not?

Maya Mame said...

It was just interesting to see that although the company's biggest problem was lack of communication (which is why they felt a need for a team day), all members communicated very easily and identified various problems that could be fixed through simple communication. Hopefully they'll have more days or meetings like these to further solve their problems.

Will work on lecture notes for you soon!

posekyere said...

Hi Maya,

Such creativity!
Do you see yourself becoming a corporate team building consultant one of these days?
Hope more of such offers come your way.

Maya Mame said...

Yes Posekyere, I wouldn't mind doing that actually. Feel like I really enjoyed the challenged and the day! Maybe this will lead my transition from law into the more fun side of HR.

Fingers crossed I get more offers...

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

As the other commentators I am amazed by your creativity, you should try to do this for a living. If you could go into the service industry Id support you every step of the way... Ayekoo!

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Kajsa!

You guys are too kind! Now all you need to do is get me some customers and I'll be on my way...


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