Tuesday, 18 November 2008

It’s the little things in life…

…that cause the most laughter. Today at Ecobank, the customer at the next cashier was asked why he’d come all the way to Osu to cash a cheque. His answer: “I live on Spintex and I went there to do it. I left the cheque, went to have my bath, came back and they still hadn’t finished!”

At this point the customer behind him joins in to complain about the bad service at the Spintex branch, and he continues:

“Oh that place is so close to my home I would go there all the time but it’s not good for my heart, kraaa. If I want to get sick, I go there, but I don’t want to so I come here. The Osu branch is much better for my heart. In fact the other day I went there and spent a whole two hours there and they didn’t finish, then I went to, eh, wo fre ni sen, the Ring Road branch. Can you imagine after A WHOOOOOOLE two hours they hadn’t finished with me? Hm!”

And they say Ghanaian acting is not good! The expressions and intonations the man used to tell this story could have won him an Oscar!


posekyere said...

That is Ghana!
Many Westerner wonder why Ghanaians in general are able to keep a happy disposition despite the hardships.
Probably the answer lies in our attitude:take things easy.

Maya Mame said...

So true! Instead of writing a letter of complaint to the manager, he turned his banking misery into an afternoon cabaret for the rest of us!


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