Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Crazy sun worship?

Yesterday I took some sneaky photos. If I were a man I'd probably be called a pervert, but I had to take them as they represent something that perplexes me. Once again, since Sunday, the sun is out and with it, the bodies. The block of flats I stay in probably contains about hundred flats with a green area in the middle that has a playground and a barbecue area. Yesterday when I was getting my breakfast ready, I noticed this outside my window:

Then, as I opened the blinds in the sitting room I saw this:

What amuses, but perplexes me is how these women lose all their inhibitions as soon as there's a bit of sunshine, these are after all women who would probably not change anywhere outside fitting rooms in shops. Sometimes they also lose their sense of moral decency, like when I saw a woman around Clapham Junction tanning on another person's grave!

Two things that entertained me even more was that the woman in the latter two photos was tanning on the green patch behind the flats where most people let their dogs...ease themselves AND when she got up to go in (probably to have lunch because she came out within an hour), she actually put on clothes!

(Special thanks to my lovely camera for allowing me to capture these moments, through my blinds and in the comfort of my own home!)


Anonymous said...

Did you just say you saw a woman tan on someone's grave?

Abena said...

*LOL* Absolutely hilarious. I was always amused by the effect of a little bit of sun in the late spring in the US. Suddenly everyone stripped down into scanty clothing to take advantage of a non-existent sun-shine while all us Africans hobbled around still heavily clad in winter clothing :)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Yes. A little water and/or a little sun, and there's a flirt or a newly-uninhibited person. Missed these posts of yours. We must chat some time.

Adaeze said...

lol I know what you mean but someone tanning on someone's grave is just...insane lol.

Maya Mame said...

Yes Anon, true story, as horrific as it sounds!

Abena, that sounds like me when I leave hot Ghana and enter "freezing" 17 degrees, meanwhile others are in shorts, rejoicing spring, lol.

Nana Yaw, let's skype or chat one day. It's been too long!

Adaeze, I only wish I'd had my camera to capture the disrespectful act.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hahahaha, thanks Maya Maame for venturing out and sneakily snapping those photos. We had a good laugh at your careful desciption of this phenomenon - sunbathing Swedes.

This being the raining seson here in Ghana, let me hit you back with an equally funny Ghanaian phenomenon: "hankie-on-head" when the rain is pouring down. How does it really help? :-)

Maya Mame said...

Hanky on head allows for the water to soak the head evenly. Only kidding, haven't got a clue why people do that! While on the subject, why are people from countries with a lot of rain (Ghana, England, Yugoslavia, etc) so scared of it?

Oluniyi David Ajao said...

:) Can you blame them? Hardly. It's too cold most of the time in some countries so basking nude in sunshine would be welcome.

Maya Mame said...

Very true Oluniyi, here in Sweden we often live at the mercy of what the weather report tells us about the next few days, so I understand the excitement when the sun comes out.

It was just that the location was a bit unappetising... :)


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