Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Obama all over your body?

One of the things I miss seeing whilst out of Ghana is the beautiful textile prints. Especially Friday's traditional wear, when staff in most banks and offices wear cloth. Many of them have even had their own print designed, because practically everything has a design, whether it be the church you belong to, the bank you work at or a special occasion. I even own three different Ghana@50 prints! (How many do you own?).

Now I hear there's a new print about to be released: the official Mills/Obama print! Can you believe it? There's even going to be a separate "first ladies" cloth featuring photos of Naadu Mills and Michelle Obama! As amusing as it sounds, I can't wait to see the designs as I am so curious. Wish I were there...

(The only cloth I can adore whilst here, a beautiful piece a friend lent me for me to carry my baby in)


The Author said...

Interesting piece, but I find this attempt at 'brand' association quite ridiculous.

Esi Cleland-Yankson said...

yeah, Nana Yaw. I have to agree with you on that.

posekyere said...

I admire our ordinary beautiful prints.
However I totally loathe the idea of wearing anything with the faces of politician printed on it.
I wonder what Obama and his wife think about this crazy idea.

Maya Mame said...

I agree with all of you, seeing anyone's face on a cloth makes it really tacky. Still, curiosity makes me want to see what design they'll come up with.

Posekyere, let's hope the Obama's are interviewed about the cloth!

novisi said...

nice one!

there have been all sorts of faces on cloths: from the said face of Jesus, the mother Mary of biblical times to modern day Nkrumah, Houphouët-Boigny, Mugabe my dear, etc, etc, etc!

Obama himself and wife have their faces on T-shirts, Mugs, caps etc! Thongs even!

this Mills/Obama print is just another addition.

can i believe it? yes i can! not even mind boggling scientific discoveries take me by surprise let alone some fantacy!

but i hope it's not tax payer's money! that's an absolute no! no!! for me. so far the issues are not clear so i would only make assumptions.

so assuming it's tax payers money true and true (one pesewa even!) then for me it would amount to nothing but plain nonsense on behalf of the tax payer, in his/her name and for him or her!

it would amount to not setting our priorities right! and it would not be different from the building of the presidential palace, the dishing our of gold awards to selves 'by-heart'.

it would also not be different from the bogus policies such as 'school uniforms for pupils', 'school feeding programme' and the junk 'one-laptop-per-child' thing (it's a thing!). just misplacement of priorities!

i'm not one to be excited by pretentious 'hand-outs' when we deserve proper service (no tokens here!) and nothing less while i know fundamental problems remain in gigantic volumes!

so well, i admire your curiosity but me, i'm not eager to see no cloth! i don't care if it's a print of the faces on strings or boxer-shorts once it's not tax-payers money!

else if i want a face on a print i might rather come for your beautiful face!


afrofabchic said...

Amazing..Nice blog..I am half-ghanaian as well and my sister's name is Maya!

Maya Mame said...

Novisi, from the article it didn't seem clear who ordered for the print and who's paying for it. I certrainly hope it's not state funds that are being used for such a frivolous thing!

Afrofabchic, glad you found my blog!


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