Monday, 1 June 2009

Last weekend of May

...of course any homesickness I had disappeared when the weather went from ok to great! This whole weekend we've had up to 25 degrees and sunshine, without the humidity of Ghana which usually prevents me from wearing my natural hair straight. The weather is a major issue in Sweden especially as we head towards summer. It can turn from 25 to 12 degrees overnight. When the weather is good, so are people's moods and suddenly everybody is out and about. For us that meant carneval in Hammarkullen (an area mainly inhabited by foreigners), picnic in Slottsskogen, the main city park and walks along the river, Göta Älv.

Above and below: Röda Sten, where a soldier apparently collapsed and bloodied the rock. Every year the rock is re-painted red to remind us of his blood (and almost as often private persons sabotage this by painting the rock a different colour or adding white dots for a polkadot effect!)

Leaving us all a bit tired...


Adaeze said...

Beauty boy!
May I ask what his name is?

We had absolutely lovely weather here all weekend aswell. Nothing better! Suddenly, it's a different country with friendly people. lol

posekyere said...

Beautiful existence!
Lots of high fives to you and the handsome chap!
Bless you, Maya.

Yngvild said...

isnt it a girl...? ;) beautiful anyway! Know exactly what you mean by the weather, went from 23 to 10 and rain here...and so does the mood! Ghana is so much better dont you think?

Maya said...

Oooh, Adaeze and Posekyere, I think you fell into the trap of baby in blue = boy, it's actually a girl!

Completely agree with you about people changing, isn't it amazing how much friendlier everyone is all of a sudden?!

Yngvild, I agree with you, at least in Ghana we know when to carry an umbrella... and when we'll sweat for four months in a row!

Tigger said...

o vilken sötnos hon är.... :) jättekul att träffas. hoppas snart ni kan komma hit kram

Anonymous said...

We had gorgeous weather here in Stockholm too! I went kayaking around Kungsholmen (9 kilometers) with the Gbg girls. It was fun, scary, thrilling and aching!!

Babygirl is a cutie!
Kram kram!!

novisi said...

i love the carnival scene!


Maya Mame said...

Ja Tigger, jättekul att ses, du kommer väl till träffen den 14, då kanske vi kan diskutera när vi ska hälsa på er?

N: I want to go kayaking too! Haven't been since I was twelve, it's so much fun. I can imagine doing it around Stockholm would be so beautiful. Glad you're having fun.

Novisi: I knew you'd enjoy those pictures! ;)


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