Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye Michael

How cannot I not write about Michael Jackson? Last night I logged onto facebook and was shocked by the news. No matter how we perceived Michael Jackson, there's no disputing his musical genius. As soon as I heard of his death, some of my favourite songs passed through my head, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana and The way you make me feel. I always hoped that he'd get the opportunity to wash away the Wacko Jacko tag before he passed, unfortunately he didn't, but hopefully we'll focus on remembering his talent.

After spending a day out of Gothenburg, with lovely weather, friends and food, I got back into town just before the shops were closing. As I walked through the main mall to get to a department store where I could change my daughter's diaper, I realised that almost every shop I passed was playing Michael Jackson's songs.

MJ: the whole world mourns you!


novisi said...

yes Maya,

i wanted so much to blog about Michael too. but i find it somewhat more fulfilling doing it through others like you!

yeah, he was such a musical force! no matter what!

i loved his Heal the world, and Earth Song most! got to do with my universal way of looking at things!

RIP to the man!

novisi said...
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Maya Mame said...

Wish I had written more or better about him, Novisi, but I think his music speaks for him more than any words do. Just like you said, no matter what, he was a musical force. Hopefully we'll forget the weirdness surrounding him and only remember his musical legacy.

For the same reason that you love those songs, I love, love, love Man in the Mirror!

Abena Serwaa said...

So true Maya, it is the musical legacy that should celebrated...He inspired millions across the globe and that cannot be denied. Strange that I'm just discovering that I'm such an MJ fan 20+ years after being a real fan.

BTW; all over Accra yesterday it was non-stop MJ radio marathon!

Maya Mame said...

Wish I were there Abena!

I might just have to throw MJ a traditional Ghanaian funeral party when I get back. For now I'm introducing my daughter to MJ by playing his music all weekend.


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