Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Angry Pedestrian

I had heard of him before. Actually once when I was in Naa's car she pointed him out to me and that's how I was later able to recognise him. And today, as I turned into Labone Junction, I saw him in front of me, tall, shabby with a wild, determined look on his face. Just as I said to my mother: "That's the man who...", we suddenly locked eyes.

And of course I knew that eye contact meant I had made myself his next victim. As he flung his hand towards the car with force, I thankfully reacted quickly, swerved him and started speeding off. As I laughed at my lucky escape, I caught him in my rear view mirror - he had turned around and seemed to be following me, but at his pace I could relax, he'd never catch up.

Oh and by the way, the end of the sentence I started to my mother was "attacks people's cars!".


JuaNita said...

oh I have experienced a same thing on the overhead bridge at Kwame Nkrumah circle. Unfortunately he "attacked" the side I sat..besides I was little stuff and like that scared the light out of me. You shoulda honked at him.. hehe I know I would!

Maya Mame said...

He is quite scary! I wonder if it was the same guy, in that case he really gets round, maybe he chooses a different location each day, lol!

Would've honked at him if I had dared!

Abena Serwaa said...

Sounds like the man has some real anger management issues aside from mental health problems! Have never had the pleasure of meeting him I guess I'm not in the Labone area often! Sounds scary...

Maya Mame said...

Definitely! Maybe he once had a great car and then lost it all and went mad. No, but seriously he is a very scary guy, hope I don't bump into him again!


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