Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ghana going for gold!

I've spent the past ten days complaining about how I'm not feeling any of the fun, football-loving spirit we felt two years ago when Ghana hosted the African Cup of Nations (for those of you not in Africa, the African Nations Cup is on at the moment in Angola). After catching the last few minutes of the Ghana game against Angola, I finally felt some excitement. And today, after our 1-0 win against the green giant, Nigeria, the whole country is excited, there's jubilation in offices, rejoicing in the streets of Accra and even from my sitting room I hear the cars honking all the way down the road.

(Pictures from the Ohene Djan Stadium, Accra, during CAN2008)

On facebook, it's fun to read the comments from both before and after the game of predictions and cocky retaliations by Ghanaians. To think of it, the Nigerians have been ever so quiet since we booted them out of the final...There's nothing like the rivlary between neighbouring countries, and in our case I'm happy to always show big brother Naija that despite them being about 100 million more in population than us, we will continue to beat them when they least expect it. I'll repeat the funny old-school saying that I was taught after our win against Nigeria two years ago:

God is not a Lagosian!


JuaNita said...

OOh i can sense the excitement with every word read. I hate living outta GH!!! Atrrrrggghhh (the win woulda meantt my curfew would be around 10) but no someone just had to ship me out here.tehehe

posekyere said...

I see you are catching the soccer fever.Let us hope they slaughter Pharoah's boys as well.
Endulge, Maya!

Maya Mame said...

Oooh it was exciting, JuaNita, you better get here in time for the World Cup because that will be fantastic!

And who dared ship you out of this wonderful country, lol!

Maya Mame said...

As you saw, we didn't manage to slaughter them, Posekyere (loving the brutal terminology!). But all of Ghana has been in surprisingly good spirits today.

I'm envious of you, hope you're intending to catch some World Cup action live this summer!


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