Monday, 18 January 2010

Earthquake scare hits Ghana!

Did you receive this text last night:
"Today's night 12.30 to 3.30 am COSMIC RAYS entering earth from Mars. Switch off ur mobiles today's night. NASA BBC NEWS. Plz pass to all ur friends."

I got it around 21.00 and looked at it a bit confused. What was going to be the effect of cosmic rays passing earth if my phone was on? I thought about it for a while, then thought, well, it doesn't hurt me to turn off my phone so after passing on the message to my mum, I did just that.

It seems I was one of few who acted reasonably. Somehow, this text has spread round the country and turned into an earthquake scare (cosmic rays - earthquake, I don't get it?!), with many people spending last night sleeping outdoors as they were too afraid be indoors when the earthqake would shake Ghana.

I'm guessing today is going to be a loooong day for those who got the wrong message. Instead of getting scared in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, let's do what we can to help:

Google has a good page listing a few ways to donate, click here for more info. For those in Sweden, DN also lists mosts of the charities that are receiving donations for Haiti. There are quite a number of Facebook groups that claim to donate an amount per member, I'm not sure of how true this is, but sticking to my 'it doesn't hurt to join' mantra, I've joined this Swedish one and seen this one. Other than that, do check out this Facebook group and Yele Haiti for more ways to help. Once I hear of any ways that we in Ghana can help locally, I will let you know.

Let's have a happy Monday!


Denise said...

This just proves that what ever Agency is responsible for Disaster Preparedness needs to be better informing the Ghanaian public. The nonsense while on the other side people are really suffering. I am so annoyed!

Maya Mame said...

It's awful Denise. My interpretation is that many are just not aware of what an earthquake actually is or how it's caused. Do we actually have a Disaster Preparedness Agency??

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It also shows how easily a panic wave can be started, and what panic it could cause. Hmm remember that about our worst fears never coming to pass?

Maya Mame said...

So true, Nana Yaw. Reminds me a bit of the panic that ensued in London on 9/11 after rumour spread that London would be the next target. Complete madness (cars and people heading aimlessly in any and every direction) is how I remember it!

Abena Serwaa said...

I slept like a baby and only found out about the earthquake scare on Twitter in the morning! Most people I know who got the text or a call, rolled over and went straight back to sleep. I think its a great lesson in hysteria, paranoia and chinese whispers.

Raine said...

I can't believe that was the original message. I'm speechless.

Maya Mame said...

Great lesson indeed, Abena Serwaa. So who were those panicky people who spent the night outside, everybody I know slept well??

Maya Mame said...

Raine, I'm guessing you're as clueless as I am as to how that turned into an earthquake scare!


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